TEMVES Agencies Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in 1990 in Kemaman, Terengganu. Located in the East Coast of Malaysia, we have created a niche market in ports nearby namely Kemaman Supply Base Wharf, LPG Export Terminal and East Wharf in Kemaman Port. Our branch offices served Kertih Port Sdn. Bhd. and Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn. Bhd. Therefore, we are in advantageous position to provide the most efficient services to our principals worldwide. Parallel to our goal to provide our clients reliable and effective services.

We are established and growing with over 12 years of experience in hanlding shipping, forwarding and marine related services particularly in Oil and Gas Industry. Our operations are carried out around the clock manned by well trained, and dedicated personnel assisted by up to-date telecommunications facilities to increase accuracy and efficiency.


- Port Entry formalities
- Loading / Discharging supervision
- Vessel and crew husbandry
- Port representation

Through our dedicated and experienced staff at TEMVES Agencies Sdn. Bhd., we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and efficiently. From pre-arrival to post-departure, our staff provide special attention to accurate, reliable and speedy communications in handling overall operations.

While our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions and strong relationships with all local and government and industry bodies ensures your best interests are maintained.